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Sequel, Layer design

Bring a more personal and safe experience to the cinema

DATE 2020

MATURITY LEVEL available for licensing

Developed by Layer design

At a time when streaming is becoming more popular and public venues are changing, the movie industry must reinvent the experience it offers.
Whether individual or group, the cinema experience is still as important as ever, even in the age of streaming. Layer Design reveals their vision of tomorrow’s cinema, bringing in a more advanced personalization as well as an adaptation to the sanitary constraints put forward during the Covid 19 pandemic.

experience epics

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experiential setup


Integrated speakers

UV Lighting


Projected signage


Touch screen

Smart speaker 

Seat configuration


Safety place to watch movies

use case

Sanitize your personal items during the session

Take advantage of the session to disinfect your clothes thanks to the UV sterilization.

use case

Self-cleaning between sessions

The rear of each seat also features a UV light that is used to sterilize the seat behind it between screenings

A customized space​

use case

Assigned place

The first step in personalising a cinema seat is its nominative aspect. In order to locate you in the room, your name will be displayed on your headrest, as well as the row will be projected on the floor by projectors integrated to the armrests.

use case

Integrated speakers for a total immersion

Sequel also integrates speakers in the headrest of the seats, offering the user a complete immersion. This also allows each user to adapt the volume to his needs.

use case

Personal modifications

Since each seat is independent, each user will be able to modify its position, change the temperature, or even adapt the lumbar support

food for thought ...

But what about repeat users that will have to re-adapt their seat to their parameters for each session.

What if these seats directly integrate personal parameters to bring an even more immersive experience?

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