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Dynamic ground projection, Texas Instrument

Enhanced vehicle exterior communication.

DATE 2020

Maturity level ready

Developped by TExas instrument

Texas Instrument showcases the usage of DLP (Digital Light Processing) for automotive exterior.

Taking the benefits of the ready to use DLP technology, Texas Instrument hightlights the possibility offered by the technology regarding the interaction of the automotive and the surroundings.

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experiential setup


DLP system

Car Configuration

User Profile

Door management

Opening sensors

smart lock

User identification


Share my intent with other road users

use case

Door opening warning

A  dedicated lighting information is displayed on the ground to warn about door opening

use case

Manouver highlights

Communication towards other road users is a key factor for safety. The DLP system can bring additional informations while going backward or turning.
Public services, with unconventional manouvers such as taxi, ambulances, buses could benficiate as well from this additional communication tool, to better explain their next moves.


Personalize vehicle access

use case

Personalized welcome

The user can choose a personal animation to be be displayed when approaching the car.

use case

Light Carpet

The complete surroundings of the car can be lighted up to help the users when approaching or leaving at night 

food for thoughts ...

Is Exterior vehicle communication a key challenge for safety, especially for automous vehicle?

Are similar features suitable for static equipments ?

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