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Hymer Connect

Make the motorhome experience easier

Here are some questions raised by this experience
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How can physical and digital hybridation enhance your way of travel and perhaps even change your lifestyle ?

Project Hymer connect

release DATE 2020


developed by Erwin Hymler Group SE

Designed by Erwin Hymler Group SE

Control and program your motorhome to make your trip more comfortable. 


Make the motorhome experience easier

experiential setup


LED with adjustable color and intensity


User profile

configuration system

Hymer connect App


Physical imput

User recognition


security system

Online assistance

experience epics

Six scenarios are pre-installed in the application for the main situations. They control the temperature, lights, warm water boiler, fridge… You can also create new scenarios or just control devices individually.

use case


Users can choose between the default six scenarios, modify them or create new ones. 

  • program the temperature and the energy priorisation between electricity or gas.  
  • program the temperature and the brightness of the lights in the living room, bedroom and outside separatly.  
  • Switch on/off the fridge, control the temperature level in 6 positions and the energy priorisation between 12v, 220v or gas.  
  • Switch on/off the warm water boiler and activate Turbo mode
  • Switch on/off the water pump 
  • Deploy the antenna 
use case

Control devices individually

Users can control all the devices individually for more specific needs.

Checklists help users remember important tasks to do when switching between two modes. 

use case

Arrival checklist

Some tasks you have to do when you arrive at your camp site. (check water levels, open gas bottles, connect to shore power, etc..) 

use case

Departure checklist

Some tasks you have to do when you leave your camp site. (disconnect to shore power, close windows and doors, etc..) 

Get a real time access to informations of your motorhome 

use case

Vehicule details check

Hymer Connect gives you access to every technicals details of the vehicle. Verify levels of consumables: water, fuel, charge of batteries, if doors are correctly closed, etc… 

use case

Online security assitance

Leave peacefully your motorhome, a online assistance is alerted in case of troubles. Enjoy your holidays !

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