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Automated powered side doors, FF 91

Offer seamless entry into the vehicle.

DATE 2019




While introducing the FF91, Faraday Future made a special statement about doors and vehicle entry experiences.

On the FF 91, Faraday Future offers a Seamless Entry System combining easy to use automated doors and safety functions to the passengers. 

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experiential setup

USer Identification

camera for face recognition
low energy Bluetooth




DOor management

power struts
electronic brake

Physical input

Voice command

smart watch

object identification

IR sensors


Offer key less entry system together with user recognition

use case

Multimodal vehicle unlocking

The user can unlock the car in many different ways, such as : low-energy Bluetooth frequencies from the smartphone, face recognition using the B-pillar camera.

use case

Vehicle personalized configuration

Once the car is awake, settings are tailored to the user’s preferences, including seats, mirrors, temperature, music and screens before entering.

use case

Seamless entry

Automatic powered door opening to allow the user to enter the car even without being able to use the door handle (when carrying a baby or luggages as an exemple).
This automatic opening and closing can also be triggered from the inside for ridesharing situations.

use case

Effortless doors powered opening

Door opening can be easily triggered with a simple touch of a finger on a button or using voice command with a connected watch.


Avoid incidents due to door opening

use case

Avoid hitting objects

Thanks to camera and infrared sensors, the electronics brake is turned on to prevent any collision if hidden objects are detected.

food for thoughts ...

Is safety and user experience improvement a key combination for automative innovative feature ?

Is transversal access management for home, office, mobility a future topic ?

How important is individualization for automotive ?

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