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B:bot, Green Big

Engage consumer in recycling.

DATE 2019




B:bot is a made in France machine that collects, crushes and sorts plastic bottles into flakes ready for recycling, the flakes being collected to make new bottles. 

The B:bot densifies the material of the bottles by transforming it, which optimizes transport and storage while reducing costs. For each bottle deposited, the consumer receives 1 to 2 cents that he can recover as a voucher or donate to an association. 

B:bot is totally designed and manufactured in France with a storage capacity of 3000 bottles.


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experiential setup


front screen


deposit ring

Live streaming

Live streaming video of the B:bot inside

object identification

optical sensors for size calibration, sensor for plastic detection, metal detector, weighing scale


conveyor belt taking or giving back the bottle

object configuration

container : transparent or colored PET

Shredding machine

transaction system

user profil

fidelity card

user identification

NFC reader

Metric report


Enable to deposit plastic bottle fast and easy

use case

Deposit feedback for guidance

The ring indicates with colored lighting when the bottle can be inserted, supported by explaination on screen. A video is integrated into the screen to show the user what happens inside the machine. 

use case

Bottle inspection & sorting

The machine automatically analyse the bottle to determine if it can be recycled by the machine or not. The machine then sorts between transparent and colored bottles, turning the container on the appropriate side.


Provide visibility on the deposit act impact

use case

Instant crushing

The user can see it’s bottle transformed into flakes instantly.

use case

Statistics communication

The machine has a screen saver that displays the number of bottle recycled. 


Offer incentives

use case

Incentive counter

B:bot displays the number of recycled bottles as they are inserted along with the corresponding financial incentives. For each accepted bottle, the user accumulates points or cents.

use case

Reward reaping

At the end of the process, the user can choose on the touch screen to save the accumulated points on its loyalty card, print its ticket, or make a donation to an association.

food for thoughts ...

Could this solution be transposed for other waste ?

What about generating our own recycled ressources at home ?

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