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Trimension, NXP

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DATE 2021


Trimension Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, NXP. Enabling position tracking, distance and direction finding.

Trimension represents the NXP UWB portfolio, a rich collection of UWB solutions that enable secure fine ranging across automotive, mobile and IoT devices. The fine ranging and positioning capabilities of Trimension products bring precise location and convenience to a variety of use cases, including secure access control, indoor positioning, device-to-device communication and item tracking.

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experiential setup


smart light

audio player

smart speaker 


smart airconditionning



UWB-enabled smartphone


UWB-enabled sensors


Enable hands-free access

use case

Home access

A UWB-enabled door lock can detect your approach and automatically unlock when you’re near enough to open the door. The lock can tell if you’re approaching from the inside or the outside and respond accordingly. It can also automatically relock as you move away from the door.

use case

Car access

Similar to your home, you can also access your car without keys : a UWB-enabled door lock will detect your approach and automatically unlock when you’re near enough.


Provide contextual control and information

use case

Home control through movement

With UWB your phone can serve as a contextual remote control to your smart home devices. UWB-enabled sensors can respond to your movements, turning on lights and speakers when you enter a room and turning them off again when you leave. 

use case

Contextual information

You can now access accurate information at the appropriate time and place. More information about the piece of art you are looking at for instance. 


Provide a GPS-like experience indoor

use case

Indoor navigation

Explore new places thanks to indoor location services indoors. The same kind of turn-by-turn directions you rely on when you’re outside are now available indoors. Find your favorite cup of coffee in a new shopping mall, explore an art gallery without getting lost or go directly to your gate when catching a flight. 

use case

People tracking

Meeting someone at the airport? Need to find your rideshare driver in a line of cars? Secure device-to-device communication using UWB lets you know exactly where someone is, so you can find them—and they can find you—without delay.

use case

Item tracking

UWB-enabled objects can be pinpointed instantly, highlighted on a digital map of your house and found in seconds. In the same way, it could help you find your car in the parking lot. 

food for thought ...

How to use real-time spatial awareness to make physical contollers disappear and create intuitive, contextual and seamless experiences?

What about enhancing indoors journeys with on-demand contextual information? to support an exhibition with personalised digital content, provide on-demand product information for retail ...

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