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Voyage XR, Valeo

Enable teletransportation in the vehicle cabin.

DATE 2019


The Voyage XR is a 100% user experience driven concept rethinking the usage of technologies already in place for safety and driving assistance.

Valeo’s invented a fascinating new use case of teleportation : join your friends or family in their vehicle cabin.


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vr controller

vr headset and hand control


digital miror

position monitoring

ToF cam for body measurement

surrounding perception

3 exterior cameras

notification management

ring bell

immersive visual

3D model of cockpit


headrest speakers

Infotainement display

telematic unit + infotanment unit


Enable teletransportation of a person of my choice in my car

use case

Call to VR

Invite the person of your choice to connect via VR instead of just phone call or visioconference.
use case

Sharing vehicle perception of the surrounding

All cameras and vehicle sensors create a real time perception of the surrounding. This perception usually helps me to drive and increases my safety. The image and data flows are now visible for the user and the ones he wants to.
use case

Sharing car interior

A digital  representation if the vehicle shows a always clean, nice interior that the driver can share with non-real-passengers.

use case

Sharing driver monitoring

The high-tech driver monitoring usually insure the safe and confortable driving. The data are now visible with a reconstruction of a 3D avatar.
use case

Augmented reality

The invitee augment the perceived reality of the driver with a virtual representation on the back seat: visual with incrustation on the digital center miror and audio with localized audio.

Provide a shared life on board experience while at home

use case

Gentle Invitation

The ring bell invites to use the VR set while miles away from my friends/family.
use case

Immediate teletransportation

The VR connection creates simulteanously the visual, audio teletransportation at the backseat of the vehicle with immersive representation of the vehicle with real time exterior streaming.
use case

Self perception of the teletransportation

I can feel the shared life on board from the driver welcoming gesture, the vision of my hands in the vehicle and my image on the center miror.
use case

Active collaboration

All passengers and the remote passenger can access the infotainment system to share media (pictures on the demonstration but audio selection, navigation and why not climatisation or window regulator).

food for thoughts ...

How to benefit from the uniqueness of our free time on the go to reinforce social links?

How 5G high speed connection can enable real time remote experiences?

on the opposite: how to create real time shared experience using local processing and reduced pre-processed data transfert?

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