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DATE 2020

Maturity level ready

Developped by Ledworks

Ledworks proposes a mass market product with professional extension to design and control illuminations.

Beyond a gadget just making your Xmas tree decoration experience more fun, Twinkly is one of the first consumer product using the power of controlling hundreds of connected devices with professionnel possibilities.It is an apetizer for future intelligent and human friendly smart home.

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250 RGB Leds on a ruban

3D Mapping

smartphone camera synchronized with a lighting calibation sequence

User Profile

Personal cloud data storage


Connectors with Alexa and google home


Drawing app at your fingertip

Market place

Animation effects marketplace


RAZER Chrome RGB Studio connector


Connector multi-devices


Scan & control a traditional christmas lighting decoration

use case

Traditionnal decoration

Low tech and easy experience of hanging tinsel garland on christmas tree, walls,…

use case


With 1 (2D) or several (3D) pictures of the finalized Xmas decoration  , the app is scanning the 3D location of each individual LED and generate a light mapping..

use case

Remote control

The smart phone app can of course light on/off but play many animations that will mapped on your christmas tree


Design your own dynamic illumination

use case

Illumination drawing

As you draw a coloured picture on the smartphone, the illuminated image is mirored on real time on the Xmas tree


use case

Dynamic drawing

As you move your finger on the smartphone, the dynamic path is recorded and played on the Xmas tree.


Envision new illuminated smart possibilities

use case

Control from smart home hubs

The twinkly controler is wifi connected with skills on Alexa and Google home.

use case

Professional lighting studio

From low cost device to professional use-cases: mapping image & videos, Combination of multiple devices into one single set-up, integratoion of full RGB lighting studio.

food for thoughts ...

What about autogenerated interfaces for smart phone with the same mapping and automatic recognition and tagging of all your smart devices

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