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Track Connect, Michelin

Enable every driver to upgrade its performance on track.

DATE 2018


Michelin Track Connect is a coaching system that delivers real-time data to a mobile app, so drivers can unleash the full potential of their Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tires. 


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experiential setup

Temperature sensor

Pressure sensor

vitual personal assistant


Metrics report


personal phone

user profil

Driving condition configuration


Enable to adjust the vehicle to context

use case

Vehicle and driving condition setting

Through the application you can specify informations about your vehicle, your use, rubber compounds fitted and driving conditions.

use case

Tire pressure recommendation

Based on the information above, the application provides tire pressure recommandation for your racing.

vitual personal assistant

Provide real time feedback on track

use case

Tire pressure and temperature feedback

During your racing you can consult in real time the pressure of tyres directly on your smartphone.

vitual personal assistant
use case

Puncture warning

Drive more safely during your races and be warned directly on your smartphone of a slow puncture thanks to an alert.

vitual personal assistant

Enable to learn from the ride

use case

Run feedback and pressure adjustment recommendation

Use the full potential of your tyres by analysing the data recorded during a run and adapting pressure for the next.

vitual personal assistant
use case

Replay mode

Review your run with the replay mode.

use case

Team performance review

Create teams, add your friends and compare your performances.

use case

Track record

Check the records of the track you’re in and know your rank.

food for thoughts ...

Could real time feedback be something different than screen informations?

What about a coach for eco-driving?

What about a complete interface to monitor the daily usage of your vehicle?

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