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Sonic Interaction in Intelligent Cars, Volvo

Improve the trust and acceptance of Autonomous Cars

DATE 2021


Partner Volvo Cars

Partner RISE

Partner Pole Position Production

While cars are becoming autonomous, it is critical to think about the impact on user interaction.
Autonomous cars will impact the way occupants interact with their car. New needs will appears especially when talking about trust and acceptance of these new cars.
The SIIC project explores how sound might address the future interaction challenges of autonomous cars, specifically trust and motion sickness

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experiential setup

Audio system

surrounding persception

Vehicle sensors

Autonomous driving


Reinforce trust into the vehicle

use case

Communication of the intention

The autonomous vehicle communicates its near future manouvers with sounds to the passengers. Accelerations, braking, turns or lane changes are typical manouvers that are communicated to the passengers.

use case

Shared perception

The autonomous vehicle shares with the passengers what it percieves from the exterior environment. All detected events and objects such as approaching vehicles, possible danger, pedestrians are notified with dedicated sounds.


Reduce the motion sickness risk

use case

Alternative driving feeling

Using sounds to anticipate the different manouvers, the vehicle enables a new link with the passengers. Understanding better the vehicle dynamic, the passenger can mentally and physically embrace the ride , with a positive effect on the motion sickness risk.

food for thought ...

Sound design is a major trend in vehicle interaction. But where is the limit between assistance and brand signature?

How far can sound modify the travel experience?

Which will be key to the brand HMI signature with the sound ? Lighting ? Avatar?

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