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Smart building automation solution, 1Valet

Simply provide a secure way of living for building residents.

DATE 2020



1Valet, is a Smart building console that simplifies the residents living experience and guarantees a secure stay.

It is multifonctionnal service that offers a unique smart living  experience for building residents as for the property management.


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Home Automation

Smart thermostat integration

Access Management

resident app

Security System

Water Leak detector

Smart Lock

Smart door lock by Salto

User identification

Digital key


Resident App

Touch Display

On door console 

Video Call



Community connection

Resident App

Code reader

Smart delivery 


Provides a simple and secured smart entry system

use case

Contactless entry system

With a smart door lock integration residents could be able to open the door due to a facial recognition or a digital smartphone access.

use case

Package delivery integration

Residents are directly notified whenever their package is delivered through a package scanner so they could distantly open the building gate

use case

Video calling from entry console

Video calling through ResidentsApp to verify the guest and keep the community secure

use case

Virtual text keys for visitors

Visitors could unlock the building gate through a temporary virtual text key sent from the ResidentsApp so they could easily get into the building


Enables to control home energy system

use case

Remote Management

Residents could remotely manage tempreature settings and light switch from anywhere through connectivity with WiFi-enabled systems.

use case

Water leak prevention

With a smart water valve integration that detects and stop leaks when they happen


Provides an easy interaction between residents and property manager

use case

Community messaging

Share building information and events through ResidentsApp and entry console

use case

Property access management

Building management from anywhere, to specially facilitate the « Moving in »
and « Moving out » process

food for thoughts ...

What if this experience could be developed for neighbourhoods to provide security and connectivity between houses?

Or how can we imagine this service in an hotel experience to offer more ease to the visitors as to the workers?

How can we personalise the building entrance by having our own reminders for example? Or by connecting it to the home arrival to prepare our own apartment entrance scenario?

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