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Smart Basis, Squikit

Enhance food management without giving up taste.

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How can we optimize our grocery shopping ? 

How can we achieve pleasant and responsable consumption ? 

Project smart basis

release DATE 2019


developed by squikit 

Users know – in real time – the provisions in their home, the items that need to be replenished and a list go potential recipes using the food they have . 

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Enhance food management without giving up taste.

experiential setup

vitual personal assistant


integrated virtual assistant

cloud storage

Squikit cloud



configuration system

Squikit App



Squikit smart base

Expiry date


experience epics

It can be difficult to see what’s left in the fridge or the food storage, but with Squikit users can see, in real time, the status of their provisions.

use case

Identify the item

When the item is bought, user can put a U-tag identification on a a Squikit recipient or their own container. 

use case

Provisions measurements

The smart base measures the amount of product in the recipient or container ans uploads it to Squikit’s cloud. After using the product, the user needs to put the recipient/container in the smart base to update the stock. 

use case

Cloud access

Users can access and manage the data from their smartphone app 

By knowing the status of their provisions, user won’t buy items they have and can know the expiration date to reduce food waste – making consumption more responsible. 

use case

Expiration date warning

Users are warned when an item is close to expiring so they know what needs to be eaten quickly.

vitual personal assistant
use case


By giving a real time state of they consumption and provide a shopping list, Squikit allow users to buy only what they needs and reduce their purchases. 

vitual personal assistant
People often ask themselves what to eat for dinner. Squikit makes it easy and enjoyable by providing multiple recipe
use case

Recipes ideas

Squikit generates recipe ideas according to the items already in the home. This allows the users to focus on meal preparation.
use case

Shopping -list

Squikit creates a shopping list based on the recipes the user chooses and the items they have at home.

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