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Oke Charge

Facilitate electric vehicle charging services

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How to decrease electric vehicle range anxiety ? 

How can charging stations be more accessible and common ?

Project Oke Charge

release DATE 2020


developed by OKE CHARGE

Oke Charge aims to facilitate mobility trough personal charging stations available for all.

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Facilitate electric vehicle charging services

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Smart socket




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When it comes to buying an electric vehicle, you probably ask yourself about the available charging station infrastructures. What if you run out of battery before going home ? Oke Charge is addressing the issue by providing a way to locate and access charging stations around you. 

use case

Charging point location

Vehicle owners can find Oke charging stations using the app. They can see if the station is available and it’s details in order to make their choice.

use case

Socket access

With a a QR code with their phone, users can plug their vehicles into the station and pay the owner for their consumption.

use case

Consumption follow

Users can follow the charge state of their vehicles on the app. If something goes wrong (overcurrent, interruption), they’re warned.

It’s possible to make mobility easy by providing a charging station in front of your house. With Oke Charge, you will help electric vehicles be more accessible and earn passive income to offset the electricity cost.

use case

Charging station installation

You only need an accessible socket to ask Oke Charge to install your charging station.

use case

Consumption follow

On the app the owner can follow the consumption of the charging station and be payed accordingly.

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