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MBUX, Mercedes-Benz

Lmmagine the futur of in-vehicle experience

DATE 2018


Developed by Mercedes-Benz

The world of mobility is undergoing a major transformation these days, both in terms of diversity and in terms of experience and usage.
A pioneer for many years in vehicle innovation, Mercedes Benz unveils the driving experience of tomorrow. Named MBUX for Mercedes Benz User Experience, this technology provides an emotional link between the vehicle, driver and passengers.

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Integrated speakers



64 light zones


Touch screen

Dashboard and rear screens

Seat configuration

user profil and phycical button

Voice command



head-up display

Augmented reality

Proximity sensor

Hand gesture

Trip planner


User profil

user profil and phycical button

Digital Cluster

Configuration system

User profil


Script detection

Video Call


Personal experience on every trip.

The first step in the experience with your vehicle begins with its ability to adapt to you and your habits.

use case

Driver and passenger recognition

Located on the steering wheel, a fingerprint sensor allows the driver to be recognized directly by the vehicle. All settings (e.g. seat position, mood lighting, favorite radio station, navigation map orientation or personal predictions) can be saved under a profile. If two drivers share a car, each can easily call up their preferred settings. Passengers also have the option of setting their preferences.

use case

Personal suggestions

Through « predictive functions », MBUX anticipates the user’s desires. It will begin to understand your individual tendencies, such as who you call, where you go, what radio stations you prefer to listen to and your ideal cabin temperature. Once it has assimilated them, the system will make suggestions and you will only have to confirm your choice. Artificial intelligence turns your car into a personal driving assistant.

use case

Total sharing between all passengers

All passengers are equipped with a touch screen, personal lights and a local sound system. All multimedia content can be shared or split between users.


Multimodal interaction across several use cases

By equipping its vehicle with several technologies and solutions, Mercedes offers its users the opportunity to manage the overall configuration of the vehicle according to their profile, use cases and preferences.
use case

Touch screens

The main screen is the heart of this human-machine interaction. It allows you to adjust and modify all the vehicle’s controls, but also serves as a support for all the other controls.

use case

Touch-control buttons on the steering wheel

The multifunction steering wheel connects you to the vehicle and becomes your control center. You will find numerous controls on it, including the Touch-Control buttons on the left and right sides, linked to their respective screens. The other controls allow you to manage the navigation, the telephony, the voice assistant, the gps….

use case

Touchpad for navigation and handwriting

Since each seat is independent, each user will be able to modify its position, change the temperature, or even adapt the lumbar support. A touchpad comes to assists you during the navigation and the evolution of the environment of the vehicle enabling the control of the lighting, the navigation and the sound environment. The touchpad is even able to recognize your handwriting without difficulty.
use case

Hand gesture

To further reduce driver distraction when doing simple tasks, the hand gesture allows you to control the music, call your favorite contact, turn on the passenger lights or even open the sunroof if the car has it.
use case

Personal assistant

MBUX is equipped with a comprehensive personal assistant. Whether it is to assist you in your journey, control your vehicle or communicate with your entourage. Your voice control LINGUATRONIC understands you and learns from you throughout your experiences.
vitual personal assistant

Personal assistant for all occupants

One of the biggest points of this experience is the performance of its voice assistant and its ability to adapt and evolve with users.

use case

Intelligent voice command

Thanks to natural language recognition, the MBUX LINGUATRONIC voice control system obeys any command and recognizes and understands almost any phrase in the infotainment and vehicle operation area. As you use your assistant, it will learn your language habits and adjust its suggestions and interactions as best as possible

use case

Ask it some questions

Interact as naturally as possible with your vehicle. The question « Will the sun shine tomorrow in Miami? » is now understood as easily as « Will I need sunglasses tomorrow in Miami?  Likewise for the management of the air conditioning, a simple « I’m cold » allows the vehicle to adapt the temperature of the cabin.

use case

Connected to your favorite voice assistants ( Siri, Google, Alexa...)

With your Mercedes Me application, connect to your vehicle from home. Start your engine remotely, preheat your car, check the tire pressure and the range of your vehicle. All these interactions are available on your application but also via your favorite voice assistants such as Siri, Google, Alexa.

In the opposite direction, if your house is connected to the smart home system, you will be able to control your equipment from your Mercedes.


Augmented navigation

Last but not least is the transition that Mercedes wants to bring to driving. Thanks to these new technologies, Mercedes wants to improve the driving experience by making it easier, more intuitive and safer.

use case

Augmented reality

Using a camera located at the front of the vehicle, augmented reality provides the driver with relevant information during the journey.
use case

Head Up Display (HUD)

In addition to the augmented reality and the dashboard, MBUX is equipped with a windshield HUD. By integrating the HUD with other technologies present in the vehicle, drivers have a comprehensive view of the road and its environment.
use case

Suggested Point of Interest (POI) related to the car and the driver

Related to the type of trip, MBUX will suggest different POIs on the map – examples include nearest gas station, restaurant options or local attractions.

food for thought ...

The multimodality of devices being the heart of the MBUX system, is it the key to the integration of new innovative technologies for the vehicle of tomorrow?

Mercedes is currently the only one to offer such a complete experience, what will be the different visions of the other mobility actors (Apple, Uber, Huawei) ?

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