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Jacquard, Google

Enable to enhance every day objects with new digital abilities and experiences.

DATE 2017



Jacquard is the first full-scale digital technology platform created for smart apparel, footwear, and other everyday essentials.

Using Jacquard Threads, micro-electronics, and intelligent software, Google creates textiles and materials that can understand your gestures and communicate back using light and haptic feedback.

Jacquard allows it’s partner brands to integrate connectivity and digital experiences directly into their products. As more products adopt the Jacquard platform, users will have new ways to interact with the things they love.

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experience epics

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experiential setup

Object identification



vibration from Jacquard Tag


LED on Jacquard Tag

touch surface

Jacquard threads


CONFIGURATion system


Enable object configuration

use case

Abilities configuration

The Jacquard App offer the possibility to assigne abilities. With Actions, you can customize gestures to access online services, apps, and information.  With Alerts, you can customize notifications with light or haptic feedback. As more services become available on the Jacquard platform, so will the ways you can use Jacquard Abilities.


Provide new abilities to everyday objects

use case

Object connection

The same Jacquard Tag can power different products. Simply plug it into a different Jacquard compatible product and it will reconfigure itself and activate the new item in no time.

use case

Smart control

With simple gesture you can access online services, apps, and information without reaching for your phone. For example, with a simple brush of your cuff, you can get your next direction, skip to the next track on your playlist, or hear upcoming appointments. 

use case

Intuitive feedback

Get intuitive notifications through haptic or light feedback. For example, get notified when your ride-share arrives or when you get a message from an important loved one.

food for thoughts ...

Is the futur of technology providing access to new services without the distraction of our smartphones?

What about technology as a raw material, that is use to enhance our everyday objects?

How to provide a product that allows brands to innovate and imagine new use case with new technologies?

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