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IT-C Helmet, Tali Connected

Allow bikers to follow their passion in optimal safety conditions.

DATE 2020



developed BY TALI Connected

IT-C is a helmet connected to the motorcycle that provides safety essentials as well as comfort and performance.


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color-changing LEDs 

real-time localization

Tali Connected App

incident detection

Tali Connected App

voice command

audio player


personal smartphone

community connection

Tali Connected App


Enhance bikers' safety

use case

360 road lights synced with the motorcycle’s

Tali helmet is ringed by color-changing LEDs for improved visibility, with functions including a rear-mounted brake light and turn signals.

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Emergency call

Paired via Bluetooth with the rider’s smartphone, the Tali Helmet can automatically place a call to emergency services when a fall or accident is detected. 

use case

Hand free communication with voice command

Tali Helmet integrates speakers and microphone to enable voice command for services like calls or navigation, and is compatible with smart voice assistants


Prevent theft

use case

Realtime location

The helmet is able to share real-time location as well as offer a geofence-based alert if the helmet has been stolen. Using Tali’s proprietary app the owner will be able to track the helmet.


Enable bikers to share riding experiences

use case

Ride tracking

Tali Helmet tracks your ride and you can share it through the app, joining the Tali Ride Community.

food for thoughts ...

What about integrating AR for step by step navigation ?

What about improving ride sharing between bikers enjoying the same road at the same time ?

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