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Home Security, Enki

Make your home secure and you at peace.

DATE 2021


Enki allows you to connect and control a multitude of connected objects of different brands on a single application. Create personalized home automation scenarios, according to the rhythm of your daily life.


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experiential setup



personal phone

door opening detector

Configuration system

Enki app for scenario creation

audio player

smart speaker 

audio player



smoke detector


voice control

smart speaker 


Help prevent potential incidents

use case

Window opening

When kids open the window of their room, the lights of the house will flash red.

use case


When your house detects intrusion (thanks to security camera and door opening sensors), the lights will go bright, the siren will turn on, and the smart speaker will launch loud barks.

use case

Presence simulation

If you are away from home for a long time you can program lights to turn on for some time at night to make it look like the house is not empty. 

use case


If a fire is detected, house lights will flash and siren will go on to indicate danger.


Provide instant feedback

use case

Incident notification

For any incident your house detects, you receive a notification instantly on your smartphone so you can act fast.

use case

Real time video

At any time you can see what is happening in your house by checking your interior cameras remotly through your smartphone. 


Enable remote control of your house​

use case

Scenario activation

Control your house with your smartphone with a touch or use voice control to activate scenario without using your phone.

food for thought ...

What about using other connected devices in your home for your home security? Screens for instance?

How can independant security devices (siren, opening sensors, video camera...) provide you more flexibility to choose how you want to manage incidents in your home?

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