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Turning vehicles into moving theme parks.

DATE 2019




New passenger experience : Put virtual reality in a car.

holoride is developing the future of in-vehicle media, linking Extended Reality (XR) with real-time motion data, like acceleration and steering. This creates a new category of experiences for everyone who spends time on the move.

Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). With the new technology an extra dimension is added to this Extended Reality


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experiential setup


VR equipment


Holoride App


Experience monitoring 


Route and vehicle dynamics


Blockchain based platform


Elastik SDK


Bring XR experience to passengers

use case

XR enriched by driving physics

Until now, immersive experiences have been mostly visual. But holoride includes the real-time physical feedback of the vehicle you’re in, making your experience even more intense. So you really start to feel what you see. With holoride, reality becomes part of the game.

use case

Elastic content

The most exciting experiences are the new ones. With holoride, every ride is a new adventure and the XR content is never the same. holoride’s elastic content adapts to the route length and type, driving styles, and location for experiences tailored to your journey.

use case

More euphoria, less nausea

People often can’t enjoy transit time, because watching a movie or reading makes them feel uncomfortable. By matching what you see and what you feel with almost no latency, holoride is able to reduce motion sickness. Being in transit becomes time well spent.

use case

XR/Reality transition

The magic of VR is exponentially boosted with immediate transition from boring reality when putting the VR headset on. All sensation of the real trip: speed, surrounding infrastructure and roads, vehicles and pedestrinas around are reinvented and reintroduced in the virtual world.


Propose new content format for the future in-vehicle media

use case

XR experience design

Content creators can design new XR experiences with LBS (location-based service) and driving dynamics using their own game engine studio and holoride SDK.

use case

Precision dynamic marketing

OEM and content creators get the real-time status of the vehicle and passenger experience

use case

XR monetization

The blockchain-based platform ensures tracablity of the delivered content and passenger experience for monetization of media access, advertising, and more

food for thought ...

How to design a user experience that can not only drive better usage, but also increase media business?

Are cars the right medium for digital experiences?

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