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Foody, Salvo Lo Cascio

Provide a kitchen assistant from shopping to cooking.

DATE 2021


Salvo Lo Cascio, a product designer proposes a vocal (and more) assistant focusing on making a great cooking experience

At the opposite of generalist smart speakers (Alexa and google home), that could offer the same functionalities for the user. Foody is dedicated to the kitchen only (but in a much friendly and luxury way): it manages your pantry  from shopping list to stock control and supports your cooking from recipes proposal to real time coaching.


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experience epics

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experiential setup


Circular small display

Physical input

Mechanical slider


personal phone
App for shopping-list

Voice command

Mic, speaker

vitual personal assistant

virtual personal assistant

cloud based VPA

Product recognition

Barcode scanner


Manage my pantry

use case

Check-in & check-out the products

The pantry is managed like a department store. While using or storing products, the barcode scanner check-in and out products to update the stock control. The expiration date is even extrapolated from the product information. The design detail is the circular display on the slider for a visual double mode: check-in/check-out

use case

Shopping list

While shopping, the shopping list is available with the smartphone to get the purchase the missing ingredients. The stock status is of course available while shopping.


Make my menus

use case

Smart suggestions for meal and cooking

the Foody generates recipes for dishes based on your stock


Coach me cooking

use case

Real-time instruction

The smart-speaker guides you through the recipes with background narrations . The perfect usage of smart speaker while having busy hands.

vitual personal assistant
use case

The cooking timer

 The smart-speaker guides you through the recipes a kitchen timer so that your food is cooked to absolute perfection! Foody braings with audio and display the smae functionality as the Eco clock (illustration), but pre-configured with the step-by-step recipe tasks.

vitual personal assistant

food for thoughts ...

The very specific design, with product details and user experience attention, enables the creation of an innovative concept each user is dreaming of. How to bring a touch of specific detail and experience attention to more complete smart products (smart homes, smart cars,..)

The innovation is often initiated from the relevant combination of two basic components (for Foody: a display on a slider): How to enable easy development orchestrating 2 or more components.

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