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Flowell, Colas

Enable to better share the public space.

DATE 2017



Colas, in partnership with CEA Tech, has imagined Flowell, a solution comprised of panels containing LEDs encapsulated in a multilayer substrate, all connected to an electrical grid.

Currently in its development phase, the solution provides dynamic road markings that can modulate the uses of the roadway, thus making roads a shared space.


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infrared camera, piezoelectric sensor



brightness sensor


V2X communication


Secure sensitive areas

use case

Road signage highlight

Flowell makes the crosswalks safer by giving them and the pedestrians more visibility, by highlighting the white straps. On the same principle, the zebras marking the stops of the buses, which light up when the vehicle arrives, makes it more visible to users.

use case

Bus stop dynamic signage

The discontinuous line becomes continuous as the bus approaches, thus ensuring a safe crossing without the risk of cars overtaking the bus at the stop.


Better manage mobility flows

use case

Parking spot mixed use

Dynamic signage will allow to transform a delivery spot into an overnight parking spot to optimize the number of available spaces, or create a short-lived minute drop-off in front of a public building.

use case

Dynamic allocation of car lane

It allows to give priority to certain vehicles over specific periods of time to fluidify the traffic. For example, the passage of a continuous line to a discontinuous line, can allow to clear a normally reserved lane to priority vehicles. Or temporarily assign the roadway to a or several priority vehicles or to one user category.

food for thoughts ...

How can dynamic signage give more space to soft mobility?

What about thinking about road as new displays?

What are the input to choose and the behaviours to analyze so that the use cases are beneficial for all the users?

How to manage incident and prioritize situations?

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