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Digital Cockpit 2021, Samsung

Next Level Mobility Lifestyle

DATE 2021




Samsung proposes a collection of technology innovation to enhance users in-vehicle experience.

Since CES 2018, Samsung introduces a new version of it Digital Cockpit. The intention is to showcase a possible future of automotive where the vehicle offers new possibilities for passengers with a living and life space.


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interior and Exterior


cabin ambient lighting


smart watch and phone

Health Monitoring


Individual and directional

Fragrance diffusion

SURROUNding perception

Cabin configuration


Adapt the cockpit to the occupants activities

use case

Mobile entertainment room

When parked, the 49-inch QLED display comes in position in front of the front row  passengers. Combined with sound and touch displays, the interior become a mobile office or a place for gaming.

use case

Driving environment

While driving the large display is only half visible and is combined with a Floating window display located on the top center of the windshield for vehicle surroundings information.


Monitor passengers’ health status

use case

Adjusted cabin configuration

To ensure that passengers are relaxed, the light, scent and music of the cabin can be automatically adjusted . in addition, in case of drowsiness detected, the driver will receive an alert.


Ensure communication between inside and outside of the vehicle

use case

Smooth communication to pedestrians

To communicate with pedestrian, the digital cockpit offers alternative to the classical Horn. Front mounted display and directional speakers ensure a smoother and safer communication while reducing the noise pollution.

use case

Surrounding perception

Using the 360 Vision Monitoring system, the driver can have a good perception of vehicles and pedestrians around the vehicle.

food for thoughts ...

What kind of equipment users will really need to transform their cockpit into living space ?

Communication between automotive and other users is key to transform the experience in the city environment, what are the key enablers and needs?

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