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Clova Lamp, Naver

Help kids develop interest in reading.

DATE 2020


Developed BY NAVER


Clova Lamp is a smart reading light that helps children cultivate healthy reading habits by narrating their books aloud. 

The lamp is able to convert the text and images into speech and provides support for kids to learn independently with a virtual assistant.


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experiential setup


LED with adjustable color and intensity

Brightness sensor

vitual personal assistant


integrated virtual assistant

Text to speech

camera, optical character recognition : CLOVA OCR, speech synthesis : CLOVA Voice

Voice command

2 microphones, AI

configuration system

Naver Clova App


parents’ phone



Physical input

push buttons

audio player

embeded speaker

cloud storage


Voice recorder

2 embeded microphones


Enable kids to read anything anytime

use case

Voice command based interaction

The lamp can be control with voice command.

use case

Control buttons

6 buttons give also control the main features of the lamp.

use case

Natural voice reading for any content

The lamp is able to convert the text and images from any book into speech.

use case

Adaptative lighting

The LED light adjust the brightness in keeping with its surroundings to create an optimal reading environment. It also features four colour settings (reading, creativity, repair and sleep) to suit the activity or time of day.


Support and favorise self-study

use case

Learning assistant

An integrated virtual assistant can explain the meaning of words and answer kids’ questions to help them learn.

vitual personal assistant
use case


To help kids learn english, the lamp reads the sentences 2 times, the second time slower and with a different voice to favorise understanding and assimilation.

vitual personal assistant
use case


The Clova lamp can record the kid’s voice reading and replay it through the app to encourage reading aloud.

use case

Work scanning

The Clova lamp can scan and store the kids work in the Naver Cloud.


Provide parents feedbacks

use case

Reading time scheduling

Parents can plan reading time through the Clova App to get reminders and encourage reading sessions.

use case

Readings review

Through the App parents have access to the reading history.

use case

Progress tracking

The app provides feedbacks on the kids progress and reading accomplishment.

food for thoughts ...

How can digital and AI enhance our experiences with the physical world ? How to think physical and digital hybridation to provide new services and benefits?

What about a book reader for adults? Providing analysis and definitions, enabling note taking or reading history?

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