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Tele-reader, René Barjavel

Offer the company of a good book and friendly voice.

DATE 1946


From the book Ravage

The tele-reader is an innovative device described in the novel « Ravage » by René Barjavel, French novel sci-fi writer (1911-1985). This work present a dystopic post-modernism description of a high-tech XXI century.

The tele-reader is available on trains to allow passengers to read at night without disturbing their seatmate.


Ravage by René Barjavel

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experience epics

click and discover use cases

experiential setup

audio player

audio headset + individual radio reception

content reading

smart surface for ink detection

text to speech

thousands of human real-time readers

Adaptative content

language and voice style selection through manual switching center


Enable to enjoy a good book

use case

My own paper book

The smart surface (ink-sensitive) can be place above any paper book thanks to it’s adjustable size. The image sent in the reading centre is read by a human reader.

use case

Page by page reading

At the end of each page, the reader says a gentle « hum hum » to inform the user that he can turn the page to carry on.


Enable to enjoy a friendly voice

use case

Adaptive voice: language and style

A the reading centre hundreds of multi-language oparators detect the language and style of the reading and connect to the ad-hoc human reader.

use case

Audiobook listening

User can enjoy is book through adequate human voice.

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What is the next innovation to come for the LXXIst century?

What is the future of infotainment for public transportation?

How to use audio to favorise the accessibility for visualy impared people?

How to humanise technology in order to provide better interactions and therefore services?

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