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Car Thing, Spotify

Interact easily and safely with your music in car.

DATE 2021



Spotify has released Car Thing, a new smart player that fills your car with music, news, entertainment, talk, and more.
Not just an App dedicated to in-car infotainment, the device has been designed to fit all specific user interaction needs in car.

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Keys and Dial


Spotify App



Provide intuitive and safe controls

use case

Browsing and selection

Spotify has introduced a physical dial to navigate though the interface. 
Simply rotate and press the dial to discover the available music. The physical dial gives a more accurate way to browse versus the touch interaction.

use case

Favourites selection

The Car Thing offers 4 reconfigurable physical shortcuts to access your favorite content, without taking space on the touch screen.


Adapt modality to the context

use case

Eyes on the road

Voice control system gives you access to all the music you want while staying focused on the  road.

use case

All content access

The Touch screen provides complete access to libraries and search results, using classic swipe and tap gestures. 

food for thought ...

Is Car Thing signaling a come back of custom car interiors, where you bring all the functionality of associated devices ?

What are the key Apps we use in car, that can be supported by a dedicated device ?

Are the stand alone devices a good answer to car sustainability and obsolescence ?

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