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Bose, The Imaginarium

Provide theatre, excitement and co-creation for visitors.

DATE 2018



DESIGN BY Green Room

Developed and designed by Green Room, Bose joins a list of premium consumer companies that are focusing on the customer experience to re-ignite their brand.

Green Room offers us their vision of the retail experience, based on 3 points:
1- « Carefully consider the product you want to talk about – how the key story translates in a meaningful way at retail and then bringing it to life through well considered narrative. »

2- « Ensure technology choices support the underlying intent of the narrative and product benefit. »

3- « Create meaningful interactions that encourage purposeful engagement and trial. »


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experience epics

click and discover use cases

experiential setup

Audio player

Speakers, Headphones




audio player

embeded speaker

touch display

Interactive Wall

Immersive visual

Touch surface

Interactive table

Proximity sensor

Physical input

Bose’s products




Add more senses to the music experience.

use case

Immersive sensory experiences

The « Thunderstorm » experience allows the user to discover the diversity of Bose products- clarity, depth and spaciousness. By using motion sensors, customers are not only able to hear, but also feel the quality of the product through this experience.

use case

Intuitive exploration

More than just a headphone test, this area of the store elevates the interaction beyond audio immersion. As the user approaches and grabs a headset, the mirror in front of them will create an animation of what they are listening to, creating a direct emotional interaction with the product.


Exploration through trial

use case

Simulation in your daily life

Located at the back of the store, a booth tests Bose’s noise reduction technology in real world scenarios. An interactive screen guides the user step by step by selecting several « noisy environments ». This life-size test validates the products ability to reduce external sounds.
use case

Discovery of your products in a unique way

Thanks to an interactive table, discover all aspects of your product, from its technical side to its use. Understanding your product is another very important part of the buying experience. In this store, Bose offers us a playful interaction between their products and their specificities.

food for thought ...

Executed in 2 locations, is it interesting for a brand to extend this experience to all their existing stores or is it better to keep it for flagship stores only?

With a 28% increase in foot traffic and an average time spent in store multiplied by 4, can this type of experience be considered as a reference for the future of retail?

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