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Optimize the user experience when ordering in restaurants

DATE 2017


Developed by Student

How to optimize the customer’s journey from the order to the delivery of his dish in a restaurant. This is the challenge of this Bellder by offering a completely different consumption experience.
In the context of Covid, the value of reducing waiting times in line seems obvious, but this problem is not new. Especially in cafes, the process of ordering, paying and waiting for food is critical to the customer experience. It is also in the interest of restaurant owners to simplify their tasks and expedite food delivery.

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experience epics

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experiential setup

Touch screen

Transaction system

Virtual cart


audio player

Smart speaker 


Order, pay directly at your table

use case

A simplified order

Associated with each table, Bellder connects customers to the restaurant’s menu. It allows you to have more information than on a classic menu – such as photos, allergens, preparation time etc. You don’t have to order all your dishes at the same time, you can order them as you go.

use case

Instant payment

In order to avoid many inconveniences for the consumer as well as for the restaurant, Bellder integrates a blue card reader. Pay as soon as your order is finalized so that it can be prepared.


Discover a new waiting experience

use case

Your dish is ready

As soon as your order is ready, your Bellder will ring and tell you that you can pick it up at the counter. This service offers a new experience of consumption in your restaurant. No more endless queues and hot dishes that get cold. Order what you want when you want. 

food for thought ...

This project dates back to 2017, when geolocation or contactless payment technologies were not as robust as today. So does the ideal answer lie in the application or does the physical tablet bring an added value to the solution?​

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