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Augmented Driving Concept, Honda

Guarantee emotion and thrill of driving in the automated age.

DATE 2020



Honda introduced at CES 2020 its Augmented Driving Concept to address the cultural transition to autonomous vehicles.

Honda believes that customers will be able to enjoy mobility in new ways when freed from the responsibility of driving. In this way, they presented a roofless four-seater car with a system that intends to blend manual and self-driving seamlessly.

The concept focuses on the steering wheel, symbol of the interface between the car and the driver.

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8 levels of autonomous driving from primarily human-controlled to fully automated


steering wheel as the single car-driver interface


touch surface on the steering wheel (swipe and touch interactions)


eye-reading sensors


feedback animations and speedometer in the center of the steering wheel


left, middle and right position, driving or autonomous configuration


Augment driving experience with intuitive interface

use case

Starting by patting the steering wheel

By patting the steering wheel twice, the vehicle will start.

use case

Speed regulation with the steering wheel

By pulling the steering wheel, the vehicle will slow down, by pushing, it will accelerate. The only point of interaction to control the car is the steering wheel. The speedometer is displayed in the center of the steering wheel.


Allow letting go of driving responsabilities to enjoy the road

use case

Automatic transition between various levels of automation

The vehicle provide eight levels of autonomous driving from primarily human-controlled to fully automated. Eye-reading sensors incorporated into the center of the steering wheel monitor the drivers’ eyes for distraction. If their gaze is averted the car’s autonomous system kicks in.

use case

Driver switch

The controls can be moved from one side of the vehicle to another, meaning a person sitting anywhere in the car – left, middle, or right – can take the wheel.

use case

Lane changing

When the car is in its autonomous state a passenger can swipe their hand left or right over the top of the steering wheel to make it change lanes.

food for thoughts ...

How to ensure that automous vehicles allow human curiosity and spontaneity ?

How does offering the choice of driving or not can make driving more enjoyable?

Is providing an augmented driving experience the only way to favorise the cultural transition towards autonomous vehicles ?

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