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Apollo Series Fusion, Garmin

Pilot the sound on your boat

Here are some questions raised by this experience
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How can sound experiences can be optimized in specifics environments such as a boat on the water  ?

How to deal with the diffusion and control of sound in a mobile environment ? 

Project Apollo Series

release DATE 2020


developed by FUSION, Garmin Brand

The Apollo Fusion Series is a marine entertainment system that provides an easy interface to control sound in multiple areas of a boat.

References: Fusion Entertainment

Pilot the sound on your boat

experiential setup

configuration system

Fusion Link App


Tactile interface


parents’ phone


wireless setup


Fusion Link App


Diffuse in audio speakers


various sources


experience epics

Sound quality is adapted to many personal environments such as cars or houses but it must be done differently for a boat.

use case

Environmental DSP Profile

The DSP processor will optimize the audio signal to adapt to the environment and keep the best sound quality – no matter the volume level.

use case

Customize DSP Profile

Through the application, users can adjust the signal to their audition and decide their environmental preferences.

With the Apollo Series users can control the volume, source and location of every sound in the boat from the interface of their choice. 

use case

Global mode with Party Bus

The user can link all stereos connected to the network and diffuse the sound from the same source.

use case

Individual Mode with Party Bus

Users can listen to their own sound in a specific area of the boat without diffusing in others areas. 

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Volume and power control

The user can manage the volume of each area and turn on/off the other stereos from one interface connected to the network

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Various Interfaces

The user can make any adjustments via either Apollo interfaces or in the application on smartphone or Garmin watch. This allows the user to change all the settings very easily.

The network is built in WI-Fi so it’s simple to install and less expensive. However users do not sacrifice the ability to diffuse the sound on the stereos with many sources available. 

use case

Network built in WI-FI

The Apollo Series system is built in WI-FI so the user is able to connect every stereo on the network wirelessly using an external router. 

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Wireless Updates

Software updates are available from the app by using bluetooth – keeping the experience fresh. 

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There are a lot of potential audio sources : Aux, USB, Bluetooth, WI-FI and AM/FM. 

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