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Airtag, Apple

Find my essentials in everyday life.

DATE 2021


Developed by Apple

Apple reveals its vision of a daily tracker. Using Ultra Wideband (UWB) and NFC technology, you can lose your knack for losing things.
Equipped with a U1 microprocessor, the same as on the iPhone, the Airtag seems to be the ideal companion for the little things you forget in your daily life.

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Personal phone

User profil

Apple account


Ultra Wide Band

Configuration system

audio player

Smart speaker 

Trip planner

Find My app

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Apple account


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Community connection


Locate everything, right away

use case

Find everything on your radar in the Find My app

Connected to your personal Apple account, your Find my application will allow you to locate all your objects immediately.

use case

Ping it. Find it.

Thanks to its small integrated speakers, make your Airtag ring to locate it close by you!
use case

You are almost there

UWB technology provides the direction and the distance that separates you from your Airtag – making the treasure hunt easy


Definitely lost? You are never alone!

use case

Let others find your items for you

If you lose your Airtag or after 3 days away from its owner, your Airtag will go into lost mode. Thanks to NFC technology, if iPhone users pass near your Airtag, they will receive a notification that an Airtag is lost near them. You will also receive a notification that your Airtag has been located.
use case

Find everything without ever losing your privacy

Only you will be able to activate the sharing of information with other Apple users. Until you activate it, your Airtag will not automatically get in touch with others. Of course, no need for an iPhone to find the owner of a lost Airtag, NFC technology is also available on Android.

use case

Track someone, and you'll be found out

Don’t try to track someone either, when the Airtag separates from its owner with another Iphone user, it will start ringing and warn the nearby user.

food for thought ...

Mostly used in the industry and in huge factories, the UWB technology is starting to appear in our everyday life, what will be its next applications?

Airtag allows you to find your lost items through your Iphone, but what if you lose it? Is it possible to connect to other Iphone users, if so how can you be contacted?

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