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TimeFlip, Ilya Tarassov

Provide a human-friendly time tracker.

DATE 2020


Many professions require that people track their hours – this interactive gadget makes it fun.
People use physical actions to manage activities like ticking a box on a to-do-list with a pen, sticking a post-it on the fridge, or starting work with a mechanical time card. TimeFlip has brought that physical interaction to tracking time during the work day.

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RGB backlight


personal phone

metrics report

TimeFlip app

Configuration system

TimeFlip app

activity identification

flip sensor


Gamify your daily office routine

use case

Visible activity in progress

The top face of the timeflip shows the activity in progress and therefore helps you to focus. The octogonal dice is a symbol of what you’re currently doing and a reminder of what you’ve decided to do.

use case

Activity tracking

Without the need of an app or an Excel sheet. The time spent is monitored and recorded on your phone.

use case

Transition from one activity to another

When you decide to stop the current activity, take a break or switch to another, you flip the dice. The gesture creates a routine to manage your activity.


Enable you to manage your work lifetime

use case

Activity icons

Pick up an icon from the sticker book or just draw your own icon to represent your activities. The limit is 12 activities with the 12 faces the dice.
use case

Digital pairing

Use the app to assign tasks to each face of the dice: flip the dice, enter the activity name and choose a color. Repeat for each face. From now, each flip of the dice will be tracked and the dice will light up with the choosen backlight color.


Provide an activity report for your business team.

use case

Recording and analysis

All data is captured, analysed and displayed for assessing your performance or triggering a report for projects…

use case

Physical extensions of the eco-system

The integration of TimeFlip with your own social network or collaborative tools (in progress) creates a magical extension of theses tools that you can control and interact with by just flipping the dice.

food for thought ...

Multi-functional army knives are physical smartphones / laptops with their unlimited possibilities and applications. What other friendly objects can be used to humanize your life and create real value?

TimeFlip is designed to stay on your desk, what about objects specific to other places?

Why not hack the TimeFlip experience for other epics and use-cases: Do Not Disturb illuminated notification to colleagues on the same room, time tracking of speakers in a meeting …

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