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Realtime immersive VR collaboration, The Wild

Enable teams to do their best work together, no matter where they are.

DATE 2019



The Wild provide tools for virtual meetings, allowing teams to experience a 3D model in a shared virtual workspace.

You can review or modify the product in development, being around or within for home and stores.

Two main benefits : stay focus (in VR you can’t multitask with your smartphone) and entertained (fun and efficient).


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personal and team profile management

3D model library

cloud service with import and asset management

immersive visual

Unity3D game engine

audio player

mic and headset
audio sources, 3D mapping and rendering

Vr controller

wearable menus with hand controllers


Enable to experience the product as it could be in reality

use case

3D model import

Whatever product, architecture, … 3D objects with its materials can be imported from any modeling softwares.

use case

Immersive visit

Jump around and into your project to visit and review from any point of view in 1:1 scale or giant/micro POV.

use case

Immersive design

Add, remove, or move components as you would move objects on real life.


Enable to co-design in realtime with ubiquitous team

use case

Meeting invitation

The project to review is the meeting room in wich team membres are invited.

use case

Immersive experience

See, discuss, interact with your team mates in real time. The presence of team membres at 1:1 scale reinforce the immersion and enable demonstration of real usage.

use case

The guided tour

Like real life visit or presentation, the presenter or leader of the meeting can move in the virtual world and have the team membre following him with a click on his personal controller.

use case

Collaborative design

All team membres can interact with the virtual model : sketching, moving, adding or removing objects and discussing while doing it.

food for thoughts ...

Which avatar to represent people and system intelligence: symbolic, representative,…?

How to think experience design when connected VR sets become standards for all?

How to experience digital twins?

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