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The Model Yacht Club

Bringing e-sport to the open air

DATE 2021

MATURITY LEVEL In development

Developed by Dyna Wing Sail

Dyna Wing Sail is introducing mixed reality into the long-standing sport of model yacht racing.

In partnership with Microsoft for its mixed reality headset, The Model Yacht Club is the community platform that welcomes players from around the world to play, evolve and challenge each other.

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Position monitoring

Black Box

Physical input

Xbox Controller

Immersive visual

Microsoft Hololens






User profile



Geolocation Tracking


Microsoft Hololens

Object Configuration

Black Box


Your yacht, a combination of technologies

use case 1

Naval motorisation

The motorization allows the video game to adapt the behavior of the boat to the different interactions (weapons, boost) or if there is no wind during the game.

use case 2

Black box and anenometer

The black box is the multiplayer gateway that provides a long range connectivity to all the devices.The ultrasonic anemometer indicates the wind speed and direction for the virtual yachts.


Connect and control your yacht with augmented reality on your smartphone

use case 1

Easy connection with your smartphone

With your smartphone application, you will be able to connect and join the other players in one click. Create, customize your game mode at any time.

use case 2

Locate yourself in space

Thanks to your phone, you will have access to a map representing the surroundings. You will be able to add all the elements related to your game (starting point, arrival, buoys stages, obstacles…)

use case 3

Visualize and control your yacht

Now that you are ready to fight, control your boat with your phone. This one will display your rivals (real and virtual) as well as all the information related to your game mode (weapons, buoys, obstacles)


Visualize your video game in the real world with Microsoft's mixed reality headset

use case

Explore the real world like you've never done before

Move into another dimension. Equip yourself with your Microsoft headset and explore a new world. Thanks to your black box, your virtual rivals will have the same navigation conditions as yours. All you have to do is find other players near you or from around the world to compete and become the best navigator.

food for thought ...

Allowing a total immersion in the real world, mixed reality is almost limitless. Will this technology dethrone our physical home consoles?

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