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SOVA, Fabian Böttcher – Mehmet Mehmetalioglu – Mihkel Güsson

Provide a more personalized, humane treatment in ICU.

DATE 2021


cooperation partner Getinge

Acknowledging the mental stressors within the ICU, a team of designers created SOVA, an ICU medical aid device that tracks the patient’s health progress and allows the patient to communicate their needs by simply directing their eyes.

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LED on screen handle


patient curved screen

audio player

integrated speaker 

eye tracking

eye sensor & IR projector

Touch display

nurse tablet

patient profil

physiological monitoring

forehead sensor for brain activity and sleep pattern


Track patient's health progress

use case

Patient overview

The nurse interface provides an overview of multiple patients. ICUs can be busy while nurses and doctors have limited time for each patient. Knowing which patient needs attention can be valuable. The light behind the screen indicates the patient status.

use case

Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) support

Sova integrates the ICU CAM procedure. The ICU CAM is a standardized procedure to assess hospital patients’ cognitive abilities.

use case

Mental Health Index

A sensor on the patient’s forehead detects brain waves which gives conclusions on the patient‘s level of consciousness, pain and sleep patterns. The patient’s mental wellbeing is visualized on the nurse interface. This allows continuous assessment of the patients in ICU.


Communicate relevant information to the patient

use case

Patient information

Via the interface the patient can access information about their procedures and schedule as well as receive messages from relatives. 


Enable patient to communicate their needs

use case

Discomfort and pain communication

Via the interface the patient can point out any needs, feelings of discomfort or pain they might have so the healthcare professionals can react accordingly.

food for thought ...

How can technology provide new possibilities to interact and communicate?

What about eye tracking outside the medical field? Safety for automotive and digital retail application are already existing, any good example?

Can eye tracking be a way to improve how the information is deliver to the user, depending on its behaviour?

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