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Smart Sofa, Miliboo

Make the sofa the heart of your house.

DATE 2019


Miliboo wishes to change the smart home user experience by introducing the smart sofa.

The smart sofa offers a home cinema experience with integrated vibrator seat, immersive sound and lighting. The sofa is also an interactive control platform of the smart home thanks to the Miliboo Connected Furniture app and integrated voice assistant.


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experiential setup



integrated vibrator seat

audio player

built-in speakers and amplifiers

configuration system

vitual personal assistant

Virtual personal assistant

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa


LED under the base

charging station

QI wireless smartphone charger

home automation

connected devices at home


Offer a theater experience at home

use case

4D Experience

The smart sofa integrates a vibrator seat, built-in speakers and amplifiers as well as a lightning under the base, all activated in synchronisation with the movie playing to offer the ultimate home theater experience.


Enhance gaming experience

use case

Immersive gaming

As for the movies, the vibrations, sound and lightings synchronises to offer an immersive gaming experience.


Enable to control your home from your coach​

use case

Sofa settings personalisation​​

Sofa settings can be adjusted with the Miliboo Connected Furniture app, such as sound volume, vibration intensity and lighting color.

use case

Wireless charging

The sofa integrates in its armrest a Qi wireless smartphone charger. No more cables are necessary and the distance between the user and the smartphone is reduced for a more comfortable using of the couch

use case

Smart home control with voice assistants

Thanks to integrated personal assistant in the armchair, the connected devices of the home can be controled with voice command.

vitual personal assistant

food for thoughts ...

What about the smart sofa to leave experiences like concerts and sports game remotly?

Beyond entertainment, what are the new use cases to imagine? What about wellness?

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