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Smart Mirror, Wella Professionals

Offer a personalised hair salon experience

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How can technology support and enhance quality craftsmanship?

How to use a client profile to personalize the experience while maintaining privacy?

Project Smart Mirror

release DATE 2019


powered by care os

Wella presented the Professional Smart Mirror at the CES2020 Show in Las Vegas. It allows you to try on your colour, find your look through facial recognition, and see your hair from all angles using 3D vision.

Offer a personalised hair salon experience

experiential setup

Augmented reality

YouCamMakeup AR & AI technology by Perfect Corp

user identification

user profil


Gesture control

360 video capture

Content Library

organized hairstyle pictures

experience epics

The Smart Mirror enables the client to try hair color virtually, browse inspirational looks, or retrieve previous hairstyle. In this way, the client is free to explore new hair styles before meeting the hairdresser.
use case

History access

Through facial recognition, the client can access her/his profile to retrieve previous hairstyle.

use case

Live color testing

A live AR simulation of the colouring process allows a real-time visualisation of the colour in the mirror. Clients can test as many colors as they want.

use case

Style board creation

A stream of organised content, including trends and classic looks, allows the customer to find inspiration. This exploration, combined with color testing, allow clients to develop style boards.

Once with the hairdresser, the clients can share their style board and be advised. With access to their profile, including past looks, the hairdresser can provide personal consultation over visits. 

use case

Client profile access

Using facial recognition, the professional can access the full profile of the client including the style board and past treatments, to provide a personal experience.

Once the service is completed, the Smart Mirror allows the client to take a 360 video of the result and compare to before.

use case

Before / after hairstyle

A 360° video capture of the hair from all angles allows a better appreciation of the result without the need for another mirror. The mirror provides a before/after picture which can be shared on social media.

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