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Smart Home, Renault & Otodo

Provide interaction between car and home environment.

DATE 2020

MATURITY LEVEL in development



The Renault Group is currently developing a solution that enables automatic and secure interaction and communication between the car and connected objects in the home.

OTODO, pioneer of smart home connectivity, is in charge of ensuring the connection between the vehicle and the home as well as its security.

This innovative service is intended – in the long term – for all owners of Renault production vehicles equipped with the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, such as New ZOE, New Clio and New Captur.


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experiential setup

vitual personal assistant


house AI assistant

temperature management

car temperature management

temperature management

house temperature management

infotainment display

car CID


house lighting

door configuration

house blinds


Enable to control your car from home

use case

Car temperature preset

User can ask it’s personal assistant to preset the temperature of the car just before leaving.

vitual personal assistant

Enable to control your home from the car

use case

Leaving home

When the user is leaving home, the car ask confirmation to put the house on standby mode (switching the thermostat to « energy-saving » mode, lowering the shutters, turning off the lights, for example).

use case

Arriving home

When the user is approaching home, the car ask confirmation to wake up the house (switching the thermostat to « comfort » mode, opening the shutters, switching the lights on, for example.

food for thoughts ...

What about personalizing your "arriving home" scenario depending on context (who is in the car, what is my mood...)?

What about finding in your car the same personal assistant you have in your home?

What about sharing energy between car and home?

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