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Exploration report

Rubika Student Workshop

How usages will drive automotive design ? 

 epicnpoc asked students from Rubika design school to propose automotive concepts that answer identified user expectations

Here are the results from our 4-day workshop

User experience as the starting point for automotive design

At epicnpoc, we are passionate about how user experience can influence mobility design. We asked the Rubika students to envision the daily life of mobility users – home, work, and play.

Experiences that make you feel


Make the car a witness to its experiences

It is easy to record a car’s technical history, but almost impossible to keep track of it’s life. So we explored the idea of a digital memory of user experiences. The central point of this car is the key, it acts as the « brain », following the users in all their activities. It represents the whole « emotional logbook » of the vehicle. In order to trace the different elements, the dashboard creates a cartography of events – the witness of the moments spent in and with the vehicle. The seats are also used to capture moments by adding details such as ambient light, sound, vibrations and heat. The final element is a portable pod, equipped with lidar, lights and speakers. This pod is capable of capturing the mood and atmosphere of the moment captured and recreating it in the best possible way.

The team: CHARVIEUX Tom, DOUTRELON Benjamin, GORDIAS Géraud, MOCAER Titouan

Experiences that support & coach

Amazon Flex Driver

Support users of Amazon Flex in their daily routine

Amazon vehicle is a micro-car designed for students who are Amazon Flex drivers. This service allows drivers to adapt their working time to their schedules. The aim of this project was to design a car dedicated to this use, allowing the student to easily manage the transition from personal to work vehicle. The intention was to improve the organization of the car. This service is composed of a smartphone application, allowing users to choose whether they are in personal or working time. Depending on the mode, the functionalities inside the vehicle will vary – in particular the dashboard. The vehicle is also equipped with a parcel scanner, allowing the user to store parcels according to the delivery stages. The user is also equipped with a wristband which is the key to the vehicle but also a manual scan. Finally, Alexa is also a delivery assistance function to facilitate the user’s tasks.

The team: DUA Madhav, EL HADIYIN Hamza, GÖK Emre, LEPETZ Alex

Experiences that bring closer

Peinture Fraiche

Make your car a new medium to express yourself and share your art

This concept is dedicated to the urban artist, as a car is mostly generic. The goal of this project was to design a vehicle as a way to express oneself and to help others understand and interact with his art.  In a typical car, ambiance and interactions are developed for the inside, but are never shown on the outside!
This classic car now becomes a projection of the artwork. Equipped with spray guns and paint, the internal lights will reflect the atmosphere and evolution while the frosted glass determines the distance and the scale of the masterpieces.

The team: DUCAM Martin, GROOT Nathan, RAULT Alex

Experiences that engage


Engage citizens to use multimodal mobility services

The Robot service is designed to make people confident in using multimodal services. It helps plan the best itinerary and provide support during the trip. The Robot companion provides access to all mobility services and friendly reminders to guide users through their journey. It can also be used to call the police in case of emergency. The Robot provides access to a game world to enhance travel wait times and creates social links through a robot avatar. Each transportation method has it’s unique game world that is accessed by badging the robot companion at a dedicated access spot.

The team: DAMANI Rachit, PANANGAT Vishal P J, MERGEM Titouan

Experiences that make it easy

Next Gen Delivey in London

Bring more satisfaction to delivery employees

This delivery vehicle is designed to ease the driver’s journey. The driver wears an exoskeleton that provides support when carrying parcels and prevents painful entry and exit of the vehicle by enabling a standing driving position. The concept is aimed at enhancing safety during deliveries. The delivery vehicle indicates free parking spots and uses dynamic signage for external communication on the vehicle status. The driver can also park in a dedicated area to create a proximity hub for citizens to pick up there parcels or for last mile delivery services – bringing more human contact to his day. During the day the driver can earn tips on the app to be used for free coffee or meals – bringing even more satisfaction.

The team: VERNIER Julien, PORTE PROUST Sebastien, LACANTE Alan, GRELIER Léo


Provide comfort and reassurance in an unfamiliar environment

Ryokan is a new cab service in Japan that is aimed at tourists. The Ryokan app guides users from booking and mode configuration to vehicle access, supported by a screen on the vehicle door. To ease the communication with the driver, an audio system with a live translator is placed in booth seats. During travel, the passenger can enjoy tourism information based on point of interest. The interior of the vehicle offers a serene atmosphere with a wide comfortable space for the passenger. For more intimacy, the passenger space is separated from the driver with a see-through wood panel.

The team: MAHAJAN Satvik, MAHATA Rajdeep, MUKHERJEE Arunabh, NAIKR Ahul

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