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Remote Cheerer, Yamaha

Offer the possibility to enjoy fully a sport game remotly.

DATE 2020




Remote Cheerer allows supporters watching a game via TV, radio or live streaming to passionately support the players by sending cheers to an event venue from the comfort of their home.

The system was originally developed in consideration of hospitalized children, the disabled and elderly, supporters unable to attend stadiums… With the recent increase in coronavirus infections, this technology is attracting a great deal of attention as a way to maintain new lifestyles of social distancing.

The system has already commenced testing at selected MEIJI YASUDA J1, J2 and J3 LEAGUE matches.


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experiential setup


screen for live watching

Touch display


audio player

SoundUD audio transmission, speakers around the stadium

code reader

smarthone QR code scanning

feedback system

Remote Cheerer webapp


Offer the possibility to send support remotly

use case

Entering the stadium

Early access will be given as a purchaser privilege for « Remote Cheering Tickets » sold by the Chiba Lotte Marines, with the purchaser being sent a link by the team 30 minutes before the game starts : a QR code will appear on the TV screen and send viewers to a dedicated website.

use case

Place choosing

Viewers can choose the area from which their audio is delivered. This allows users to send their support as if they were right there in the stands behind the goal for exemple.

use case

Support buttons

Viewer support is sent simply by tapping the button for the cheer they want to be sent to a venue. Cheers and reactions can be customised based on the content.


Unite venue attendees and remote viewer support

use case

Live audio restitution

Cheering sent by viewers is delivered via speakers placed around the venue. This enables interactive support by connecting remote locations with venues, so venue attendees and viewers far away can be united in their support.

use case

Viewers global feedback visualisation

Viewer can see the number of supporters for each team, giving a sense of the crowd.

food for thoughts ...

What about a more natural interaction for people to share there support?

What about communicating support with more than audio : what about visual feedback? ( Have you seen Fifteen Million Merits? )

How to give spectators a sense of the crowd supporting with them for more immersion?

Could this solution be applied for other than sport games? What could be the new features for those entertainment/manifestations?

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