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Plug and Drive, Hyundai

Enable Unlimited Mobility of Things

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What is the vision of tomorrow’s mobility by the main actors ? 

How the world of robotics can inspire new concepts of mobility ? 

Project Plug and Drive

release DATE 2022


developed by Hyundai

At CES 2022  Hyundai Motor Company and Boston Dynamic jointly presented their vision of the mobility of tomorrow. They reveal their ecosystem of an advanced mobility experience based on the Unlimited Mobility of Things.

references: Hyundai 

Enable Unlimited Mobility of Things

experiential setup

Smart key

Smartphone App


trip planner

Autonomous vehicle

Smart door

pluggable component

User identification

touch screen

surrounding perception

experience epics

Shared mobility, last mile, accessibility – all of these needs are not yet solved in our cities today. However, we know how central mobility will be  the city of tomorrow.

use case

3 dimensions

Rethinking urban mobility also means integrating it into the city’s architecture, enabling it to cover the needs in all dimensions

use case

Play with scale

To meet the different needs of urban mobility, PnD consists of 3 different packages, 1) A personal vehicle for the last-mile, 2) Storage platform for service and logistic, 3) A common transport module for all vehicles, allowing maximum flexibility in their use.

Hyundai and Boston Dynamic developed 2 types of structures, Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) as an all-in-one mobility solution.

use case

Common base

The mobility concept is a platform-based and equipped with four 5.5-inch modules. This base is a standard for all mobility solutions, providing maximum flexibility for a variety of use cases. 

use case

Plug and Drive

PnD’s aim is to provide driving flexibility, but also to individualize public transport to meet very specific individual needs. For example, a personal mobility module that attaches to a parent shuttle for most of its journey, but can detach for the last mile to take the occupant directly to iits final destination.

use case

Drive and Lift

On the same autonomous base as PnD, the purpose of DnL is to support the needs of assistance and deliveries in cities. Examples include luggage transport for hotels, parcel delivery systems, support for furniture transport and more.

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