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Interactive Workout Mat, Otari

Offer live workout classes at home.

DATE 2020



Otari offer immersive and interactive exercising sessions that helps you work out at home as you would in a studio. 

The Otari mat offers to follow live classes through a display and provides real-time pose and form feedback thanks to a camera and Artificial Intelligence 

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user profil

vitual personal assistant

virtual personal assistant

AI, computer vision algorithms
intelligent pose analysis

physiological monitoring

Smart Camera Arm by Otari + smartwatch for form, balance, heart rate monitoring

touch display

HD screen

touch display

personal smartphone

audio player

2 HiFi speakers

live streaming

position Monitoring

Smart Camera Arm by Otari, captures joint location in real time

booking system

community connection

metrics report


Offer access to workout classes lead by experts

use case

On-demand classes

The Otario Studio provides acccess to extensive catalog of exercises, offering to watch routines on-demand whenever you get the time. The Otari Studio’s ultra-wide screen guides you through the exercises as you go.

use case

Live streaming sessions

You can join live classes with world-class trainers sourced from top studios in NYC.  from the Otari Studio. The Otari Studio’s screen guides you through the exercises as you go. The Otari Studio’s ultra-wide screen guides you through the exercises as you go.


Provide personalized guidance for effective workout

use case

Real-time instructor feedback

The Otari comes with a wide-angle webcam that slides right out of the screen to capture your body for optimal tracking. The camera senses your movements, and your position, feeding the data into Otari’s AI system, triggering opportunities for feedback.

vitual personal assistant
use case

Workout metrics tracking

Your workout metrics are tracked and used to continuously refine your workout – reps, form, balance, heart rate (with smartwatch integration), and more feed into the Otari system to create a more personalized experience the more you use it.


Offer community connection to enhance motivation​

use case

Workout group community

Join your workout community : hold each other accountable, send and receive « good vibes » with others taking the same class as you.

use case

Leaderboard and challenges

For those motivated by competition, you can see how you stack up against others with team challenges and output goals.

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What solution could provide remote personalized coaching without being dependent of an attached screen?

What other domains could benificiate from remote personalized coaching?

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