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Mercedes-Benz Horizon Liner

Offer exclusive multi-destination trip with the aim of maximum experiences and confort

DATE 2020


DESIGNED BY Janis Ufheil


Hydrogen technology by Hydrogenious

Janis Ufheil reveals his vision about exclusive road trip for his design degree show.

This concept explores a future where road trip does not only mean adventure, but exclusive comfort and personalized experience as well.

Thanks to technology, the Horizon Liner bus provides an ideal environment for both on the road and on-site experience.

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experience epics

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experiential setup

Autonomous driving

Horizontalization feature

Electrically controlled ball joins

Power management

Liquid Organice Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC)

Plugable component

Plugable cabin and furnitures

Trip Planner


Ensure ideal experience, both on the road and on-site

use case

Feeling good on the road

Thanks to the « horizontalization » feature, the cabin and interior elements such as seats or tables  compensate centrifugal forces due to driving.
The technology based on electrically controlled ball joints, allows bus passengers to feel being like on an horizontal floor during the all trip, enabling multiple activities without suffering of long drive pains.

use case

On site panoramic lounge

Once arrived at the location, the bus transforms into a modern architectural panoramic lounge to enjoy the view and the surroundings in a luxury and confortable place.


Reinvent the road trip

use case

Exclusive road trip

Re-discover the freedom of road trip with neutral CO² LOHC (Hydrogen) power. Plan your trip and be driven along your journey

use case

Interior design tailored based on travel activities

Exchange the overall cabin configuration to fit with your trip program (Culinary focus in the published example). All ball joints act as plugable interfaces.

food for thoughts ...

Does autonomous driving will generate new kind of exclusive travel offer ?

How would like to configure your mobile living space ?

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