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Max Motor Dreams, Ford

Help parents to lull baby at home.

DATE 2017


Commissioned by ford

Designed by Ogilvy madrid

Max Motor Dreams is a baby’s cradle which accurately simulates the sensation of riding in a car.

All controlled via a simple app that tracks baby’s favourite outings as you drive and then play them back accurately when you put baby to bed. 


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experience epics

click and discover use cases

experiential setup

surrounding perception

smartphone’s gyroscope and accelerometer



audio player

embeded speaker

object motion


parents’ phone

configuration system

Max Motor Dreams app


Simply capture car ride ambiance

use case

Car drive recording

The parent launch the app before beggining a route to collect the street lighting, car movement and engine noise.


Simulate sensations of riding in a car

use case

Ride simulation in cradle

The cradle is capable of mimicking with light, movement and sound the movements of a car in choosen recorded routes.

food for thoughts ...

What about immersive environment generation to help establish routine and support specific activity (sleeping, working...)?

What are the key elements that enable to create specific ambiance and sensation? Sound, lighting, scent,...

What about being able to capture a moment at anytime, being able to replay it's ambiance as a memory? A sensation rather then a picture?

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