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Little Big e-Motion, Hyundai Motor Group

Provide kids emotional support before treatment.

DATE 2020

MATURITY LEVEL being tested

In collabiration with MIT media lab

Hyundai Motor Group developed Little Big e-Motion, a mobility that helps child patients in the treatment process

This mini EV is equipped with Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology that optimizes vehicle environment based on driver’s mood.

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Autonomous driving

Scent Dispenser



audio player

embeded speaker

touch display

center display in car

vitual personal assistant

Virtual personal assistant

Little Big e-Motion avatar

physiological monitoring

heart rate monitoring

Emotion monitoring

facial emotion recognition system

touch display

tablet for medical staff

metrics report

child emotional state metrics

pneumatic system

inflatable belt


Convert the trip to treatment room into a fun game

use case

Autonomous ride

The mini EV car picks up the child in his room and drops him in front of the examination room.

use case

Friendly guide

During the drive, the child will be guided step by step by a friendly avatar.

vitual personal assistant

Inform medical staff on child condition

use case

Emotional state assessment

Based on the EAVC technology, the car identifies the emotional state of a child patient.

use case

Emotional state feedback

The car translates the child’s emotional condition into three states : « unstable », « getting better », and « stable ». The ground lighting color switches from red to green during those steps so medical staff and parents can see the evolution. The medical staff can follow the metrics on a tablet. 


Prepare the child emotionally

use case

Breathing exercices

The car helps child patients stabilize through breathing exercises with its inflatable belt that guides the child, along with the support of the Little Big e-Motion avatar. Scent is released to promote breathing exercise.

vitual personal assistant
use case

Procedure explanation

When approaching the examination time, the Little Big e-Motion avatar explains with a video the procedure so he knows what to expect.

vitual personal assistant

food for thought ...

What about mobility as more than just transportation from point A to B, but a journey that helps you prepare for your destination?

How can technology help relieve stress, provide comfort, confidence or joy?

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