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Inspiration Corridor, DigitasLBI Labs

Enhance exposure and attractiveness of retail outlets in shopping malls.

DATE 2014


developed By DigitasLBi labs

In partnership with Klépierre

DigitasLBI Labs has chosen to propose an innovative system to enhance the shopping experience in shopping centres. 

This prototype was created as part of the « connected commerce » offering to demonstrate the impact of technology on tomorrow’s shopping. This innovation is designed for shopping centre shoppers.


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video analysis of QUIVID + infrared camera

user profil

PigData product recommendation + video analysis of QUIVID

Clothes library

Virtual Catalogue : Socloz databases + content in real time : Carlipa technology

virtual cart

Klépierre Application + synchronization of the chosen items on the phone


iBeacon bluetooth 4.0

touch display

corridor displays

touch display


Object identification

code reader + infrared camera 

vitual personal assistant

virtual assistant

personnal shopper asistant


Propose a digital shopping experience

use case

Window shopping

The user walks down the corridor as he would go « window-shop » and can select on the screens the products he like.

vitual personal assistant
use case

Virtual clothing catalogue

Display of a mood board of customized products according to the user’s needs and availability in partner stores.


Offer a digital personal shopper

use case

Body scanning

When the user enters the room, he is scanned. In less than 10 seconds, the technology recognizes and evaluates the user’s gender, age category and clothing style.

use case

Items Scan

The user can scan the barcode of a purchase made in the mall with which he or she wishes to associate other purchases, for example, matching shoes to a dress.

use case

Customized recommendations

Products corresponding to his style of clothing or to the scanner product are proposed to him/her thanks to access to the data of the product catalogues and stocks in real time in the shopping centre. Each product selected by the user further refines the recommendation engine, which regenerates the selection of associated products each time.

vitual personal assistant

Engage customer to go shopping in stores

use case

Synchronization of selected products on personal mobile phone

When the user leaves the corridor, he only has to synchronize the products she/he has selected on her/his mobile application.

use case

Items localisation

The user can then find all the preselected products by indoor geolocation in the different partner stores of the shopping centre.

food for thoughts ...

What about extend the clothes catalogue to personal closet ?

Could shopping centers provide services to help store mutualise logistic or delivery for exemple?

What other services could favorise store mutualisation in shopping centres?

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