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HiCan, Hi interiors

Enhance the quality of time you dedicate to yourself.

DATE 2020


DESIGNED BY Hi-interiors

HiCan is a technological cocoon, that provides a private space where you can enjoy a new concept of lifestyle and comfort. 

HiCan is a personal cocoon for wellness, entertainement and health.


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experience epics

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experiential setup

object configuration

adjustable bed base


led path lighting


dimmerable ceiling lighting

Physiological monitoring

sleeping patterns, heartbeat and respiratory rate

OBJECT configuration

Adjustable privacy curtains


Projector, projection screen

Fragrance diffuser

Audio player

Weight sensor

metrics REPORT

HiCan app

vitual personal assistant

Virtual Personal assistant

HiCan coach through app


personal phone


Enhance sleeping routine

use case

Smart fall-a-sleep

You can design relaxing scenarios that help you to fall a sleep with audio and/or video contents, and when the bed will detect you are sleeping it will automatically turn off the entertainment system and/or any lights, returning the bed in the preferred sleeping position.

use case

Smart alarm

HiCan is going to wake you up in the right moment (when you are supposed to be in the light stage of sleep) and in the best way you want with light (ex. Blue) and/or audio-video and/or even mechanic stimulation, in order to guarantee a natural and regenerating awakening.

use case


The smart bed is able to help you stop snoring, adjusting your position during the night, moving your head up when it is detecting you are snoring.


Provide health coaching

use case

Quality of sleep monitoring

HiCan tracks your sleeping patterns, heartbeat and respiratory rate, without the need to wear or use any other device. Providing historical register and offering the possibility of synchronization with other devices.

use case

Body weight

HiCan povides an historical log of body weight comparable over time.

use case

Historical archive and insights

Based on those metrics, HiCan provides feedbacks and insights on how to improve the way you sleep and – as a consequence – your health and daily performance.

vitual personal assistant

Offer a personal entertainment system

use case

Personal theater configuration

Thanks to adjustable bed base and rollable screen with embeded projector and high quality sound, Hican tranforms into a personal theater.

use case

Media center

Hican integrates streaming platforms, gaming console and supports TV.

food for thoughts ...

What about HiCan creating a space in offices or airports to offer relaxing private times?

How can "walk-in" connected furniture provide a complete user experience contactless, effortless, with no additional devices?

What should be the next "walk-in" connected furniture? Smart office? Smart sport gym?

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