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Hej - you're not alone

Increase social connection and tribe feeling between remote collaborators.

DATE 2019


institution Umea universitet

team tim schwarz, mehmet mehmetalioglu

Hej aimed at counter the negative effects of isolation of remote workers : Hej gives an ambient feeling of presence of coworkers and facilitates easy social interactions. It gives an abstract visualisation of your colleagues and the ability to visually and verbally communicate with them as if they were in the same room. 

Hej is the result of a course whose main objective was to envision and create new concepts and products which could direct Logitech towards a future vision and design direction for agile workspace users.

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experiential setup


personal computer

touch display

ring touch display


animated visual representation of colleagues

movement detection

motion trackers

Voice interaction

built-in speaker and microphone 

object configuration

2 configurations (display face front or face up)


Facilitate communication with coworkers

use case

Visual representation of colleagues

Each co worker is represented with their own color. Co workers become visible as soon as they start working. The motion sensor captures everyones movement and translates it into abstract visualisations, unobtrusive but letting you know someone is around.

use case

Morning/evening waving

When you start your day or whaen you’re work is done you can wave at your mates : Hej facilitates rituals and office culture from your home office.

use case

Instant video call

You can start a video call instantly by just flicking your team mate towards your screen.


Allow to focus while maintaining coworkers presence

use case

Focus mode

If you don’t want to hear your colleagues talk, you can turn off the voice communication by tipping Hey over. Even if you don’t want to talk, you still sense peoples presence through the visual feedback.

use case

Shoulder tap

People can get your attention by tapping on your color, you will see this as a color pulse.

food for thoughts ...

What are the new social environments to imagine with the rise of remote workers? What are the interections an supports that makes an office social?

How to communicate distant presence without being intrusive?

Is the embodiment in an additional interactive device necessary to favorise easy social interactions?

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