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G-Box, Mercedes-Benz

Provide an easy and emotional build-to-order experience.

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How can a phygital car experience take customers beyond 3D model visualisation?

How can automakers enhance the wait time between the configuration and receipt of a car ?

Project G-Box

release DATE 2021

commissionned by Mercedes-Benz china


developed by mediaman

The G-Box showcases a 3D configurator where people can customize their Mercedes G-class using objects of different colors and types. These objects are crafted with the look, feel and weight resembling the G-class design language. 

The G-Box is meant to assist consultants in the car dealership or at the trade fair, facilitates upselling of additional options and packages and strengthens the Mercedes-Benz brand image.

references: mediaman

Provide an easy and emotional build-to-order experience

experiential setup


customers’ phone


QR code


LED stripes

audio player

embeded speaker

Object identification


Touch display

65-inch touchscreen – 4K  


G-Class 3D model and contextual environent

configuration system

experience epics

The G-box showcases a 3D configurator where customization is made using objects of different colors and types. These objects are crafted with the look, feel and weight resembling the G-class design language and seamlessly blend with the digital using RFID. Customers are also invited to touch the screen to refine configuration. This phygital experience help to build an emotional connection with the consumer. 

use case

Guided selection

Discrete LED signals guide and indicate which option is available for the currently selected G-Class model.

use case

Real time selection visualisation

Paints, rims and seats are available as 3D-printed physical objects. When customers place their equipment item into the RFID scan field in front of them, the visualization of their G-Class changes in real time on the screen.

use case

Digital tunning

Physical configuration with objects is completed with digital configurations: for example the customer chooses one of the various seat patterns and stitching variations through a 3D printed physical element. Choosing the desired pattern is complemented by choosing the right color tone directly via touchscreen.

Through the configuration process the G-box provides different ways to experience the vehicle so that customers can adjust their choices. Beyond 3D model visualization, customers can play around with their car in a life-like rendered environment as well as experience lighting and audio ambiance.

use case

360-degree exploration mode

The touchscreen 360-degree exploration mode enables users to experience various functions
of the car and application. For example wheels can be shown rotating at gradually different speeds in order to get a visual impression of the appearance of the rims while driving.

use case

Ambient lighting extension

The LED lights of the G-Box reflect the ambient lighting in a G-Class, extending the screen’s content into the physical world.
use case

Audio impulses

The G-Box also integrates the sounds that make the G-Class so iconic. From the more vintage metallic door closing sound to the powerful roaring of the V8 engine of the Mercedes- AMG G63, the audio impulses add another emotional layer to the overall experience.

Once customers are satisfied with their Mercedes G-class configuration, they have pictures and videos on their mobile phone that can be shared.

use case

Take away real-time rendering

After the user finishes the configuration experience, a QR-code will appear. Once scanned the G-Box automatically renders and uploads the results of the previous configuration session in real time, which can be saved locally on the user’s mobile phone. Besides a configuration summary and price information, a short video as well as an image gallery of their personal configuration is made available to save and share on social media or directly with friends.

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