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Flyzoo hotel, Alibaba

Bring together technology and hospitality.

DATE 2019


Developped by Fliggy, Alibaba’s online plateforme

with Alibaba’s Lab and Alibaba cloud techno

Alibaba decided to revolutionize hospitality with its new hotel Flyzoo.

This hotel brings complete changes and technological solutions to repetitive human tasks. It’s a real showcase for Alibaba, indeed the group uses Flyzoo to develop technologies to sell them to existing hotel chains.

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experiential setup




user identification

facial recongition + camera on door & elevator + code identification on the robot

vitual personal assistant


vocal assistant Tmall

autonomous system

room service robot

touch display


touch display


CHECK-in system

flyzoo app + kiosk

immersive visual

room visualization in booking app

code reader

QR code + scan passeport

Virtual cart


object identification


object identification


autonomous system

bar robot

ordering system


voice command


Allow clients to choose their room

use case

Virtual visit of the room

Clients can book their room via the application. They can choose their floor, visualize the interior of the room, the view of the room etc.


Facilitate the client journey

use case

Easy check-in

Local guests can check-in only via an application and take selfie to get access to their room.
Foreign tourists have to go through check-in kiosks to scan their passports in order to access their rooms.

use case

Easy and automatic access

Thanks to registration, clients can unlock the elevators and their rooms by means of a facial recognition device.


Deliver consistent and efficient service

use case

Virtual assitant

The virtual assistant Tmall welcomes clients in their room. Using this technology, guests can turn on the TV, open and close the curtains, change the lighting and place orders with room service.

vitual personal assistant
use case

Room service robot

The robot delivers meals and beverages to the rooms. It is able to take the elevator by itself to get to the right floor.

use case

Visualization of visitors waiting in front of the door

When guests ring the doorbell, customers can view them on the TV directly to see who shows up.

use case

Automatic dispenser

In the corridors there are a large number of automatic disruptors available. Customers only have to unlock the door using a QR code on the door. Payment is made automatically through the application Alipay when user picks up a product and closes the door.

use case

Automatic bar service

Automated bar service, allows customers to be served quickly and to have a more personalized offer.

vitual personal assistant

food for thoughts ...

Will robots be able to replace human employees?

How to reconcile hospitality and digital services?

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