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Exploration report

CES 2022, Las Vegas (1/2)


epicnpoc team explored new experiences at CES 2022, Las Vegas.
This week we focus on health, home and entertainment

we share with you our selection

Experiences that make you feel


Encourage children to play together outdoors

Picoo is a controller and game console in one, developed to let children play interactively outdoors. Each child has a controller that is connected to the others. With lights, sound and vibrations, children play outdoors, running around in an interactive and inclusive way.

reference: Picoo

Experiences that support & coach

The Orb by Reflect

Help users control their stress level

Reflect is a handheld orb that uses biofeedback technology to help users control their overall well-being. The light ring reflects the user’s mental state. This feedback loop between the user and the orb helps the user discover how to achieve relaxation.

reference: Reflect

Quincy by Landzo

Help children learn by drawing

Quincy is a drawing robot that help the kids learn drawing, alphabet, spelling, counting, math, subject recognition and more. The robot draws in front of the kids based on a card that was shown to him.

reference: Landzo

Algocare NaaS by Algocare

Support health management with tailored nutritional supplements

Algocare analyzes user’s health data based on AI and provides micro-formulations to the dose precisely through the Nutrition Engine. The user’s nutritional history is recorded and learned. Through NaaS (Nutrition as a Service), users can consume nutritional supplements tailored to the dose according to their daily condition and receive health management services that continuously reflect their health data.

reference: Algocare lab

Experiences that bring closer


Enable engaging interaction during video calls

Kinoo is a new video communication platform that utilizes augmented reality and virtual activities designed for grandparents and grandchildren to play and learn together, even if they are far apart. The Kinoo Wand adds the magic of movement for kids.

reference: Kinoo

Experiences that engage

eVscope 2 by Unistellar

Enable anyone to contribute to astronomical discoveries

The Unistellar eVscope 2 enables anyone to discover the Universe and contribute to meaningful space science. Smart technology empowers to discover the Universe in minutes, even from light-polluted environments. Any user can become a citizen scientist making meaningful astronomical discoveries, detecting near-Earth asteroids, supernovae and even exoplanets, guided by scientists from the world-renowned SETI Institute.

reference: Unistellar optics

Jooki by MuuseLabs

Empower kids to develop creativity with music and stories

Jooki is a music/story player with music and audio book streaming. Guided by Montessori education principles, Jooki is fully controllable by kids using figurines or tokens, no screens or parent supervision needed. Kids can independently access a wide range of pre-selected songs, music, and stories.

reference: Jooki

Experiences that make you safe

Always Home Cam by Ring

Provide an autonomous home security system

Ring Always Home Cam is an indoor-only, autonomously flying camera. Customers can select predetermined paths where the lightweight camera can fly, enabling them to use just one camera to check on multiple locations in their home while away.

reference: Ring

Experiences that make it easy

Cradlewise Smart Crib by Cradlewise

Help parents to lull baby at home

Cradlewise is a smart crib for babies from 0 to 2 years of age. The crib has an integrated baby monitor that spots the early signs of wakeup and starts rocking along with music to soothe the baby back to sleep. This predictive rocking helps safeguard baby sleep. Cradlewise learns with the evolving sleep patterns of the baby and grows with it.

reference: Cradlewise

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