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Elithis Danube tower

Facing the energy challenges of the 21st Century.

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Is this project a reference for the ecological transition by 2030?

How can we learn from this project to improve our current building stock?

Project Elithis Danube tower

release DATE 2018


Owner and Operator by SAS TEDINVEST

Engineering by Elithis Ingénierie / Benefficience / Orizons ; Bureau de contrôle / SPS : Qualiconsult

Architect by X-TU

Energy management is one of the key challenges of sustainable development. With the new regulations for 2030, real estate is one of the key sectors in this transition. Located in the Danube eco-district in Strasbourg, the Elithis tower is the first positive energy tower, it produces more energy than it consumes.

Facing the energy challenges of the 21st Century.

experiential setup

System configuration

app interface


digital coach

Electronical switch

home management

Brightness sensor





Touch display


configuration system

digital coach

metric report

digital coach

experience epics

Beyond the technical and architectural performance of a buildings’ design, there is a challenge to educate users on how to use their homes intelligently.

use case

Domotic box

Each home is equipped with an automation box that controls the heating, lighting, blinds, and connections. This box allows each household to not only control its energy consumption but also generate savings : the software transmits information on energy consumption in terms of heating or lighting. Tenants can find out whether they can make additional efforts to influence their bill. 

use case

Digital coach

Each flat has a life coach to help the residents themselves to reduce their energy bills,  better understand their ecological footprint and to teach them good energy consumption practices. The coach will be able to give advice not only adapted to the consumption of the home but also based on the weather and the habits of the family.

In order to guarantee the most efficient management of the house, it is equipped with the latest domotic devices.

use case

Device management

All information will be redistributed on the tablet as well as on a wall screen. The videophony allows users to control their home remotely via their smartphone application. We can very well be told in winter « be careful, you left the shutters closed when it’s going to be sunny today », so open the shutters remotely and thus consume less heating.

use case

Central consumption switch

Each home is equipped with a central switch for devices that do not need to remain on when leaving the home. All electrical outlets are also connected to this total management of the house’s devices.

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